Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Google Workshop for Nexus 5 users - A very cool Feature

A Brand New Feature Only For Google Nexus 5 Users.
And this will be known as Google Workshop.
With this Awesome Utility you can optimize your Nexus 5's Home Screen according to your location and Weather.
you will get instant tweet about the weather of your current location  automatically.
Yet this feature was known as 'Map Me'.

In fact  you can do something creative with your Phone design on your Nexus  5.
You can download apps & games on your Google Nexus 5 on Google Play Store.
I will prefer costly smartphones rather than cheap. Because it gives relax and a wonderful Smartphone Experience and that can last long.
I Prefer Google Nexus 5
Price of this Device is approximately 28200.00Rs.
And i wanna say
look b4 you  leap
think before you sleap....
surf before you are looking for cheap.
Best of Luck


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